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Try a lodges breaks - and make sure it has a hot tub for a little bit more luxury!

If you've stayed in a holiday lodge with a hot tub, you'll know how fantastic they are. If you are new to the hot tub holiday - you don't know what you're missing. Staying in a lodge makes a lovely relaxing break, add a hot tub to that, and you have a fantastic break. There's nothing quite like watching the sun go down while sipping on a glass on your favourite beverage - and being submerged up to your neck in hot water.

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Try a lodge with a hot tub near York

We've been on a lodge holiday with a hot tub several times in the past, so already knew how great they were; this time round we fancied a stay near York, so chose Oakwood Lodges, which in North Duffield - only about 12 miles from York. These lodges are fantastic, and each lodge has its own hot tub - great for those evenings.

Hot tub on an autumn morning

The video on the right shows the hot tub on a sunny autumn morning. Can you imagine how great it is to be sitting that hot tub watching the sun coming up over the Yorkshire countryside? Well, let me tell you, it's fantastic! Watching the sun come up with a cup of tea in hand. Or watching the sun going down with a glass of wine in hand. Hot tub lodges are the business.

Don't be stuck indoors

We tend find a lodge hot tub is best during the spring and autumn months, when you'd be normally by stuck inside. During the summer it's warm enough to spend the evenings sitting on the decking, or exploring the area. But come spring or autumn, it gets a little bit nippy to be outside - and this is when your hot tub comes into its own. You can get outside and the fact that it's a little cold doesn't matter at all, as the hot tub will keep you warm enough.

Where can I book a lodge with a hot tub

Most of the smaller collection of lodges are privately run. Take Oakwood Lodges as an example, there are 12 lodges, all positioned around a small lake. There's no bar. No restaurant. Nothing to spoil the tranquility. And Oakwood Lodges are privately owned. However, the best place to look is Hoseasons. They have hundreds of lodges to choose from all over England, Scotland and Wales. You can't go wrong with Hoseasons. Have a look at the Lodges with hot tubs. We found another website with a list of lodges with hot tubs too. Just have a browse round and see what takes your fancy. There's plenty to choose from, so you can't go wrong!

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